updated 1:08 PM UTC, Aug 17, 2019


SMS Pariaz Ltd has officially launched an “SMS Notification Service” to facilitate its clients betting on football matches. As from February 2016, its clients will have the option to give their mobile phone number at the counter, upon placing their bets.This service is made available to the clients, to inform them by an SMS, if their ticket(s) is/are found to be winning. SMS will be sent to targeted clients only if:

a) The clients have willingly given their mobile phone number upon placing their bets.

b) The tickets played is/are found to be winning.

SMS Pariaz Ltd wish to inform its interested clients, that this service is made free of charge to them, and is only a “Value Added Service” which allows to continuously meet our customer satisfaction.


a) SMS Notifications will be sent to the client, the next working day, after the official results have been declared.

b) By opting to use our SMS Notification Service, you agree that you will receive an SMS for each ticket, which is a winner. SMS Pariaz Ltd is not liable in the case you do not receive the SMS notification due to a networking problem or any other hindrance.